Ankle Armour Teams Up With SWET Fitness LLC to License Their Brand of No ExcusesTM

Ankle Armour is proud to announce their licensing agreement with SWET Fitness LLC for the use of their trademark slogan No ExcusesTM.

We are very excited to work with SWET Fitness LLC and owner Hondre McNeil and his brand to add to our Ankle Armour line up and co brand No Excuses on our Versatile Ankle Pocket Straps. We think the No Excuses label can be applied to every aspect of your daily lifestyle in achieving your goals with hard work and determination.

SWET Fitness LLC is a very successful training studio in Lancaster Ohio that offers personal training and online training plans, boot camps and nutrition counciling.

For Hondre, working out has never been about looking good. It’s always been about feeling good. Reaching your fitness goals empowers you and builds confidence like nothing else.

For more information on SWET Fitness LLC, please check out their website at

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